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Age of The Almek: Welcome
They are taught that desertion is death



A dystopian society set in a post-apocalyptic world

They are taught that desertion is death and loyalty is life – The Almek must look to the future and ignite change if they are to cure the water and save humanity.

Man-made pollution has altered Earth's water making it too toxic for human consumption – with the exception of a single underground, uncontaminated spring in Michigan. The last living humans cultivate the land and manage survival. Together they have formed The Almek civilization.

The Almek live in confinement, forced to operate according to the inhumane laws and barbaric control of their corrupt rulers. For eighteen years they have survived. But The Almek's way of life now faces it's greatest tribulation yet: their natural spring is depleting and they must find a cure for the Earth's most precious resource or face absolute extinction.

Age of The Almek is a disturbing reality that explores the possible repercussions of man-made pollution. This novel is the first of its series, and will appeal to readers who enjoy suspenseful, exciting reads. Contains graphic violence and thoughts of suicide.


“With masterful world-building and suspense, Lake has created two colonies that echo the very real fear of humankind turning in on itself. She shows how terror and helplessness entwine and create hatred, and how greedy lies are spun to keep hold of power.” –Madelyn Grey

“Detailed, thrilling and absorbing. Not to be missed on any accounts. Gave me glimpses of the critically acclaimed “Lord of the Flies.” –Abhirun Das

“It’s the age-old dance we see in every oppressed society in history, one step forward towards freedom and three steps back into cruelty, and Tara Lake nails that ballet perfectly.” –Lucie Ataya

“Lake captures the whole gamut of human nature through the journey of her (many) characters. Good or bad, flawed or ambiguous, they are all forced to make choices to survive.” –David. P

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