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They are taught that desertion is death and loyalty is life (1).png


They are taught that

desertion is death

and loyalty is life

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About the Author

Tara A. Lake was born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Now living in the country with her husband, two children and their animals, Tara can often be found playing board games, training her Aussie pup or hiking with her family. 


A full-fledged creative, Tara enjoys exploring art in different mediums such as landscape painting, nature photography and felting. Her love for writing was sparked in a writing course in high school. She has since completed a creative writing program through Algonquin College and published her first novel.


Tara leans into her unconventional and intuitive process as a writer. She believes that staying curious is an important aspect to her work and exploring the human condition is at the peak of that curiosity. As a multi-genre writer with interest in exploring darker concepts in her work, she primarily writes for an adult audience. Her debut novel, Age of The Almek, has received praise for its pull on readers, leaving many eagerly awaiting the next book, of which she is currently working on. Tara is most active on Instagram ( @tara.a.lake ), and she is on Facebook ( Tara A. Lake ). You can subscribe to her newsletter here to stay up to date on her work and to be the first to hear about release dates!

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Tara is writing an Almek short story series called Almek Shorts!

Almek Shorts is a short story series dedicated to some of readers' favourite side characters. Want some behind-the-scenes content and some nuggets for what's to come in the series? Subscribe to Tara's newsletter (she's not spammy, she promises).

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